Workplace Health & Safety

The health and safety of all Gurijala Services personnel is at the forefront of everything we do.

We operate under the philosophy that injuries are preventable. Our people work hard to deliver the vision of being a leading provider of recruitment and labour services  without injury.

Our employees share our organisations view that it is important to protect the wellbeing of not only themselves, but their co-workers, the public, and the environments and communities in which they work and live.

Gurijala's mindset towards safety guides us to take the right steps to ensure that each of our employees has a safe place to work and can return home to their family injury free.

At Gurijala Services, we understand that safety is a culture and we encourage our people to take an active role in visibly demonstrating safety leadership regardless of their position and location.

Gurijala Services comply with all relevant Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation and aim to achieve the highest standards in Workplace Health and Safety (WHS).

We establish, monitor, evaluate and update Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems regularly.

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