Reconciliation Action Plans and Cultural Awareness Training

Closing the Gap and creating strong, inclusive communities.

By developing a RAP you and your organisation can make a difference! Turn your good intentions into action by formalising your organisation's commitment to Reconciliation and join a supportive and fast growing network or RAP organisations leading the way.

The Directors of Gurijala Services are Traditional Owners of Birriah, Widi and Kabi Kabi nations and are natural living beings of the land, sky and rivers. They offer a lived experience and knowledge of their laws and customs.

They use their lived experience and knowledge to teach others about the true nature of Birriah, Widi and Kabi Kabi culture which is unique to their Nations. These unique cultures also recognise and acknowledge that other First Nation Traditional Owners throughout Queensland and Australia have their own unique laws and customs.

As a Traditional Owner company we develop Reconciliation Action Plans and provide Cultural Awareness Training for the following entities:
- Corporations
- Federal, State and Local Governments
- Businesses
- Universities
- Schools
- Non-Government Organisations.

Gurijala Services develops individualised Cultural Awareness Training and Reconciliation Action Plans in consultation with the Traditional Owners on whose land the proponent is conducting business. Consultation is the most important step to closing the gap and creating strong and inclusive communities.RAP's are an integral part of any Australian organisation, workplace, government, school or university enabling the contribution to Reconciliation through encouraging and building of relationships and the improvement of socio-economic outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people and communities.