Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring program will help shape a meaningful career for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates.  This will be achieved by giving them the opportunity to be mentored by an Indigenous staff member and through building a trusting relationship where they can mutually share their culture, knowledge, skills, and experiences. This will help the graduate develop professionally, build self-confidence to maintain their cultural integrity and have greater access to a large network across corporate Australia.  

Our Mentoring Program aims to support students and workers through traditional protocols and work hard to transition Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to full-time employment. Our mentors are strong members of community and communicate effectively to share their knowledge, skills and experiences to build mutual trust with students and workers.

Gurijala Mentors support:

Indigenous tertiary and secondary students – transitioning into sustainable employment with full time employment as the end goal

Indigenous job seekers – transitioning into sustainable employment

Employers – as Indigenous students and job seekers transition into sustainable employment with full time employment as the end goal Gurijala Services Mentors, develop and deliver real world Cultural Mentoring Corporate Packages to ensure their lived experience is understood. Therefore, laying a foundation for cultural change in how the business and education sectors understand and engage with Indigenous Australians. Gurijala Services Mentors support and create an environment of understanding, which underpins transitioning Indigenous tertiary, secondary students and job seekers into sustainable employment through the business and education sectors.

Gurijala Mentors support and create an environment of understanding, which underpins transitioning Indigenous tertiary and secondary students, Indigenous job seekers into sustainable employment through the business and education sectors.

Community Engagement

Gurijala Services is a First Nation Traditional Owner company with strong skills in relationship building, pragmatism and empathy.

The team at Gurijala are committed to linking communities to labour markets throughout Queensland. A well functioning labor market is a necessary condition for communities well-being and is a sufficient condition to enable community members to increase their living standards; whilst ensuring the business community has a ready and reliable labour force to fuel production throughout Queensland.

Developing strong and enduring labour market relationships between Qld communities and the business community is at the center of Gurijala Services' ethos, which is to ensure the best outcome for all. To enable this outcome Gurijala Services partners with:

Cultural Engagement

As Birriah, Widi and Kabi Kabi Traditional Owners and the owners of Gurijala Services we are committed to a fully consultative engagement process with other First Nation Traditional Owners to ensure their voice is heard and there is a lasting flow on economic and social benefits.

Gurijala Services understands and applies cultural protocols and will be observant and compliant with the Laws and Customs of each First Nation which we engage with.

We are committed to apply the knowledge passed down to us from our Elders to underpin the conduct of our company and our workforce. Gurijala Services is a proud First Nation company which is forging a positive pathway for other Traditional Owner companies through shared knowledge and shared experience.

Gurijala Services endeavors to use this shared knowledge and shared experience to link First Nation Traditional Owners to the business community through our labour market process, which should enable positive social and economic outcomes for all.

“Here in Australia we’re fortunate enough to have one of the richest and oldest continuing cultures in the world. This is something we should all be proud of and celebrate.”
Dr Tom Calma AO | Reconciliation Australia Co-Chair

Reconciliation Action Plans and Cultural Awareness Training

Closing the Gap and creating strong, inclusive communities.

By developing a RAP you and your organisation can make a difference! Turn your good intentions into action by formalising your organisation's commitment to Reconciliation and join a supportive and fast growing network or RAP organisations leading the way.

The Directors of Gurijala Services are Traditional Owners of Birriah, Widi and Kabi Kabi nations and are natural living beings of the land, sky and rivers. They offer a lived experience and knowledge of their laws and customs.

They use their lived experience and knowledge to teach others about the true nature of Birriah, Widi and Kabi Kabi culture which is unique to their Nations. These unique cultures also recognise and acknowledge that other First Nation Traditional Owners throughout Queensland and Australia have their own unique laws and customs.

As a Traditional Owner company we develop Reconciliation Action Plans and provide Cultural Awareness Training for the following entities:
- Corporations
- Federal, State and Local Governments
- Businesses
- Universities
- Schools
- Non-Government Organisations.

Gurijala Services develops individualised Cultural Awareness Training and Reconciliation Action Plans in consultation with the Traditional Owners on whose land the proponent is conducting business. Consultation is the most important step to closing the gap and creating strong and inclusive communities.RAP's are an integral part of any Australian organisation, workplace, government, school or university enabling the contribution to Reconciliation through encouraging and building of relationships and the improvement of socio-economic outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people and communities.