Cultural Engagement

As Birriah, Widi and Kabi Kabi Traditional Owners and the owners of Gurijala Services we are committed to a fully consultative engagement process with other First Nation Traditional Owners to ensure their voice is heard and there is a lasting flow on economic and social benefits.

Gurijala Services understands and applies cultural protocols and will be observant and compliant with the Laws and Customs of each First Nation which we engage with.

We are committed to apply the knowledge passed down to us from our Elders to underpin the conduct of our company and our workforce. Gurijala Services is a proud First Nation company which is forging a positive pathway for other Traditional Owner companies through shared knowledge and shared experience.

Gurijala Services endeavors to use this shared knowledge and shared experience to link First Nation Traditional Owners to the business community through our labour market process, which should enable positive social and economic outcomes for all.