About Us

We pride ourselves on providing innovative, efficient and reliable solutions for Australian businesses. 


Authentic Traditional Owner engagement to facilitate economic and social autonomy.


Gurijala Services envisions a future where we facilitate an authentic traditional owner engagement process with the domestic and international business communities and all levels of Australian Government, to educate and appreciate the inalienable value which Traditional Owners hold in their intellect, work, recreation, tradition, culture and each individual nation.

This engagement process will be based upon Birriah, Widi, Kabi Kabi and Bundjalung Nation customs and create a genuine understanding of the employment and business value which Traditional Owners bring to the business sector.  This will create an opportunity to employ and engage Traditional Owners and utilise their inalienable value to forge a pathway to economic and social autonomy.

“Here in Australia we’re fortunate enough to have one of the richest and oldest continuing cultures in the world. This is something we should all be proud of and celebrate.”
Dr Tom Calma AO | Reconciliation Australia Co-Chair